Tim’s Staff Picks 2017

This week Tim is sharing his picks for 2017.


S. by Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams

I’ll tell no lies–I’ve always been a sucker for meta-narrative, so perhaps it’s no surprise that S. pulled me in the way it did. At first it may seem like a gently used book titled The Ship of Theseus, but the observant reader will soon notice scribbles and notes in the margins that add another layer to the story – two college students checking the book out in turn in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind the book and its author. Certainly I am biased, but if you care at all for non-traditional storytelling techniques or mind-bending metanarration, I strongly recommend giving S. a try.


Logan; directed by James Mangold; starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Dafne Keen.

Much as I was tempted to pick the second installment of Guardians of The Galaxy, Logan truly had me on the edge of my seat for all two hours of its runtime and for a character who I was previously unsure that I even cared for. But heed my words, reader, Logan is INTENSE- – physically and emotionally, it will not leave you after viewing.  The faint of heart are strongly recommended to turn 180 degrees from it and run as far as your legs will take you. For everyone else, Logan is the most rewarding possible way I can think of to destroy your evening.


The Hazards of Love  by The Decemberists

Indie sweethearts The Decemberists are hardly strangers to songs that tell a story, but The Hazards of Love is perhaps the strongest departure yet from their usual twangy, self-contained songs. Taking the form of an album-wide rock opera which tells the story of a woman who has fallen in love with a mysterious shape-shifter of the forest and the trials they endure at the hand of his jealous mother the Forest Queen, The Hazards of Love manages to be perfect for both in-depth listening and as background for chores and work.


Maximum Fun: Home of Bullseye, Jordan Jesse GO!, and things that are awesome

Maximum Fun is one of my favorite websites of all time–not because I spend a lot of time browsing or reading there– in fact, most of my enjoyment from the site comes from an app that automatically pulls files from it instead of going there directly. But it’s representative of my most beloved underappreciated medium: podcasts! Playing host to over 20 different podcasts focusing on different aspects of comedy or culture, it’s an amazing start for anyone looking to get into the genre. Whether it be the comedy advice podcast My brother, My brother and Me , the plot based Dungeons & Dragons play audio drama The Adventure Zone, or the investigative reports of pseudoscience and cult-like religious groups offered by Oh no, Ross and Carrie!, Maximum Fun has something to suit everyone’s tastes.

What I’m Looking Forward To This Year

The second season of The Adventure Zone, no doubt. What started as an idea with perhaps no parallel in awkwardness–three podcasting superstars playing Dungeons and Dragons with their father–quickly outgrew its humble origins and became a gripping dramatic story complete with music, distinct arcs, and memorable characters. There’s no way its second installment will disappoint.


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